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Advanced Automotive Repair SMOG STAR CERTIFIED

"The Smog Check program is one of the most important air quality programs that we have to meet state and federal air quality standards," stated Assemblymember Mike Eng. "AB 2289 is designed to improve the program in reducing pollution through the use of new technologies that provide considerable time and cost savings to consumers while at the same time improving consumer protections by adopting more stringent fine structures to respond to station and technicians that perform improper and incomplete inspections."

Smog stations statewide are transitioning from "old-fashioned" testing to a new approach that's meant to be faster, save consumers money and ensure more reliable inspections for the environment.

The new smog testing requirements are the result of a law that went into effect in October 2010. The Air Resources Board and the Bureau of Automotive Repair sponsored the legislation after an independent review of the smog check program revealed that 19 percent of vehicles that had passed station inspections subsequently failed emissions audits conducted by state officials.

Rather than testing a vehicle's tailpipe for emissions, technicians will connect the onboard diagnostic computer to a sensor that will perform the test in just a few minutes. Onboard diagnostic computers are installed in all vehicles manufactured since 1996.

Typically, vehicles must be tested every other renewal period. There are exceptions, such as for vehicles less than 6 years old. A full list of exceptions is available on the DMV's site.

If your vehicle fails its smog test, you won't be able to register until you repair it, retest and pass the inspection.